“I was very happy with Mike Bennett’s representation, and feel he did an excellent job in communicating with and negotiating with the other party. Once he took over the case, it was settled very quickly. Being a claims adjuster for more than 25 years it was frustrating trying to handle the case myself while working and trying to get better. In addition, the other insurance carrier wouldn’t return my calls or communicate with me. Mr. Bennett took it out of my hands and took care of it, and this allowed me to heal faster. I knew I could trust him.” – Belinda Boscoe, Auto Accident

“Mr. Bennett was very professional, very understanding, and very cooperative in trying to help me because my case had been turned down by other attorneys. I’m quite grateful for that. He gave my case 100 % and did a fantastic job. I was very impressed with him, and if I ever needed an attorney again I would definitely go back to Mr. Bennett. I recommend him highly” – Joann Bailey

“Thanks so much for all of your hard work and for making the pain a little better. Best wishes .” – Charles Oldham

“Even though I considered my case to be a small one, Mr. Bennett never treated it so. He treated me as if I were just as important as the larger cases worth lots of money. He was always on time and very attentive, and I never felt rushed. The insurance company involved tried to play hardball and didn’t even want to come to the table with an offer. Mr. Bennett hung in there with me. He realized my injuries were worth fighting for, and he didn’t cave in. I would most definitely recommend Mr. Bennett to any family or friends who might need an attorney in the future.” – Debbra Lee

“We were really happy with the outcome because we got more than we expected. Mr. Bennett was very good to us. He was very polite and on time with things. If his office didn’t have the answer to a question that we had, they always followed up and called us back later with the answer.” – Mother of underaged auto accident victim

“The thing that impressed me the most was the professionalism with which Mr. Bennett handled my case. One of the best features of the Bennett Law Group is the friendliness of the office staff. He definitely got me the best results possible in my case, and I would certainly recommend him to any family or friends who might be in need of an attorney.” – Sedrick Addison, Premises Liability

“Mike was extremely professional in his guidance during my case. Throughout the case, Mike investigated thoroughly and made successful recommendations. Also, he kept my time to a minimum, which I appreciated. Mike made the process easy during a stressful time in my life, and I would definitely recommend him to family and friends”Carl Gustafson, Auto Accident

“Mr. Bennett was very professional, courteous and honest throughout the whole process. He was realistic in setting expectations for the outcome of my case, and didn’t sugarcoat the truth. I would absolutely recommend the Bennett Law Group to any friend or family member who needed legal representation in a personal injury matter.” – Peter Ross, Premises Liability – Slip & Fall

“Attorney Bennett – your tenacity in my case and your ability to negotiate a fair settlement deserves you the right to be called “IRON MAN”. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart” – Plaintiff in Auto Accident case

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