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Like any professional relationship, you may not want to actually hire an attorney to represent you in a legal matter until you have had a chance to sit down with them and get to know them somewhat. Once you have had some interaction with them, you will have a better idea of your comfort level and whether or not you have a feeling of confidence that they will be able to represent you successfully.

Clients of the Bennett Law Group are not required to pay any consultation costs or upfront fees, and they do not incur any expenses unless they are awarded compensation for their personal injury. We highly encourage wrongfully injured parties to obtain legal counsel, but we are aware that many people are wary because of the assumed cost of hiring an attorney. We make it as painless and affordable as possible by only earning our fee from the compensation we win for you.

Here at the Bennett Law Group, we will sit down with you free of charge, discuss the specifics of your situation and answer any questions that you may have.  We will review the details of your accident and help you determine if you have a case, and advise you of the possible alternatives you may have in regards to your individual situation. You may contact us online or call our office at 404.541.9330.

We have achieved significant results on behalf of our prior clients.  Here are some testimonials from past satisfied clientele.

To get the most value out of your consultation, you should bring with you any documentation that you are in possession of that relates to your case, such as accident or incident reports, any medical documents such as hospital admission reports, X-rays or CT scans, medical bills, written statements from any witnesses who saw the accident, contact information for those eyewitnesses, etc. You should also bring a list of all your doctors’ names and contact information, both those that are treating your injuries resulting from the accident, as well as your regular medical practitioners.   This way if we accept your case we will already have a good deal of the information needed to begin work right away on your lawsuit.

Some things for you to consider in your initial consultation with an attorney, whether it be with The Bennett Law Group or with another firm, are:

  • Do you feel comfortable interacting with the attorney, and do you feel at ease sharing  personal information and details about your case?
  • Does the attorney appear to have a high level of experience and skill in the area of law that pertains to your case?
  • Does the attorney seem to be a caring individual?  A lawsuit is a stressful undertaking, and  it will ease your mind greatly if you feel that  your attorney genuinely cares about your case.
  • How were you treated by the legal staff?  Were they friendly?
  • Did the attorney give you their undivided attention during your consultation time or did they seem distracted?  Did they accept other phone calls and interruptions, or were they focused solely on you?

Our firm takes its clients’ cases very seriously, and we have an extremely focused and thorough approach to building your case. We feel this is best done by first conducting a solid, initial consultation—and we offer these to our clients free of charge. Contact us online or call our offices at at 404.541.9330 to schedule your free consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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